[Zope-Annce] Zope 3.2.0 beta 2 released!

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Sun Dec 25 09:31:29 EST 2005

The Zope 3 development team is proud to announce Zope 3.2.0 beta 2.

Zope 3 is the next major Zope release and has been written from scratch based
on the latest software design patterns and the experiences of Zope 2.

It is our opinion that Zope 3 is more than ready for production use,
which is why we decided to drop the 'X' for experimental from the name. We
will also continue to work on making the transition between Zope 2 and Zope 3
as smooth as possible. As a first step, Zope 2.8 includes Zope 3 features in
the form of Five.  This is a long term effort. We're not there yet.
**You can't run Zope 2 applications in Zope 3.**



  Installation instructions for both Windows and Un*x/Linux are now available
  in the top level 'README.txt' file of the distribution. The binary installer
  is recommended for Windows.

  Zope 3.2 requires Python 2.4.2 to run. You must also have zlib
  installed on your system.

Most Important Changes Since 3.2b1

    New features

      - Added an option to mkzopeinstance to create instances that use
        ZServer, rather than Twisted.

      - Changed the way returning large results is
        handled. Applications can now simply return files to the

    Bug Fixes

      - Added input buffering to the twisted integration      

      - Fixed the plumbing in ZServer so that attempts to return large
        output efficiently using iterators can actually succeed.

  For a complete list of changes see the 'CHANGES.txt' file.


  - "Zope 3 Development Web Site":http://dev.zope.org/Zope3

  - "Zope 3 Dev Mailing List":http://mail.zope.org/mailman/listinfo/zope3-dev

  - "Zope 3 Users Mailing 

  - IRC Channel: #zope3-dev at irc.freenode.net


  Thanks goes to everyone that contributed.


The Zope 3 Development Team

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