[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.38 released, news roundup

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Tue Feb 1 16:56:03 EST 2005

Hello all. This month I was inspired by MoinMoin release notes a

What is it
Zwiki is a Zope product for building wikis - a special kind of website
that's easy for anyone to edit.

What's changed
New issuebrowser/IssueBrowser form, preliminary built-in RSS support,
bugfixes. See full release notes at the end of this message.

News Development has been quiet, and picking up again in late January.
Code contributions this month included an internationalisation fix from
huron. Discussion has been steady. Bug closing rate has been low.
Cleanup of code, docs, and issue categories is ongoing. I posted my idea
of priorities for this year at http://zwiki.org/ZwikiRoadmap2005 . 

We are in the process of reviewing and upgrading our copyright and
commit policies. Some new STX contributions are on hold because of this.
If you'd like to help, review http://zwiki.org/LegalDepartment and give
your input on the zwiki list, and update your information at
http://zwiki.org/ZwikiContributors .

zwiki.org passed 2000 pages and the tracker passed 1000 issues at the
end of last year. 
The server hosting zwiki.org and zopewiki.org has been upgraded to zope
2.7.3 and had its thread count reduced to 2. It now generally runs
stably within our 256M limit (thanks, zope hackers) and remains up
except when restarted to install new code. It performs more slowly
during google crawls. See also: http://zwiki.org/WikiStats .

zopewiki.org has 440 pages and has is receiving a steady, low rate of
edits and votes. (However many of these are anonymous votes which will
not be remembered.). http://zopewiki.org/EpozBook is a recent addition.
See http://zopewiki.org/WikiStats .

The active wiki at http://ubuntulinux.org/wiki (756 pages) seems to be
doing its job. It's the first zwiki installation which allows switching
between the standard and plone zwiki skins (alt -, alt +). It's also the
zwiki with most multilingual content.

http://page.axiom-developer.org/zope/mathaction/ is another interesting
wiki, with an issue tracker, full two-way mailing list integration, and
LatexWiki installed. LatexWiki is Bob McElrath's product adding latex
support to Zwiki.

If all goes well, I'll be at pycon in march. :)

That's all I can think of right now. I welcome your feedback and
submissions for next month.

About the Zwiki project
Zwiki was started in 1999 by Simon Michael and now receives changes from
many contributors. It is released under the GNU GPL. A new version is
released on the first of the month.

http://zwiki.org - home and docs
http://zwiki.org/ReleaseNotes - all release notes
http://zwiki.org/KnownIssues - bugs you're likely to run into
http://zwiki.org/IssueBrowser - all open bugs
http://zwiki.org/IssueTracker - search and report new ones here
http://zwiki.org/AboutZwikiDiscussion - the zwiki list, UserDiscussion
page, etc.
irc://irc.freenode.net/#zwiki - join us on IRC for quick help
http://zwiki.org/ZwikiFunding - how to donate or sponsor a feature


Zwiki 0.38.0 2005/02/01


New issuebrowser/IssueBrowser form, preliminary built-in RSS support,

Upgrade notes

There have been changes to the zwiki catalog fields. After upgrading, if
your wikis use a catalog or are in a CMF/plone site, visit
FRONTPAGE/setupCatalog, or if issue tracking is enabled, visit
FRONTPAGE/setupTracker, to ensure your catalog is configured for best
large-wiki performance.

index_object's arguments have changed and the reindex_object and
updateCatalog methods are deprecated.

As noted below, free form links no longer try so hard to find old-style
IssueNo issue pages, so if you have broken links of this kind, upgrade
your issue page names (/upgradeAll).



      * fix dependency on /setupTracker for good large-wiki
        performance; /setupCatalog is now sufficient (#993) 
      * be compatible with plone's default_page lines property (#914)


      * preliminary built-in RSS support -
        FRONTPAGE/pages_rss, /changes_rss 
      * freeform links no longer look for both old and new-style issues;
        a slight (20%) speedup for rendering freeform links

Issue tracking

      * fix sorting issues by number (#934) 
      * issuebrowser/IssueBrowser form for reviewing open issues 
      * make closed issues greener.. may be different on your screen,
        feedback welcome 
      * hide zeros to make filter issues matrix clearer 
      * try to improve spacing glitch with dtml-translate on filter

Fit tests

      * just log a fit import warning instead of displaying on the page

General - i18n

      * i18n (global and french) for issue tracker in plone - i18n in
        plone skin require some i18n elements (for instance the so
        called contentaction items) to be in zwiki-plone-* as well


      * catalog awareness cleanups 
      * make setskin links harmless for anonymous users and bots,
        instead of logging errors (#1010)

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