[Zope-Annce] Plone at Vrijschrift Foundation

Wiebe van der Worp wiebe at viaisn.org
Mon Feb 7 18:58:54 EST 2005

The Vrijschrift Foundation is an international point of resistance 
against software patents, represents Project Gutenberg in the EU, FSF 
for the Netherlands, etc. (we just do a lot of good things :-) ).

Our server runs Zope/Plone to host http://plone.ffii.org, 
http://plone.vrijschrift.org and more. Unfortunately we face Zope 
crashes and crack attempts on a regular base for example and despite 
great skills of our administrators they turn out not to be Zopuru's. 
Some help is desperate needed to keep resources focused on what we stand 

Are you willing to put some small effort in it to keep us up and running?

If you want to help , or if you know somebody who wants to do so, you 
are very welcome to join us on low volume list level, or, if you just 
want to help in panic situations, just give us your e-mail address. 
Unfortunately I am not following this list so please cc me at wiebe at 
vrijschrift dot org and or one of the cc-ed addresses.

Thank you!!

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