[Zope-Annce] Infrae releases Silva 1.2

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Mon Feb 21 12:30:28 EST 2005

21 February 2005 - Infrae has released Silva 1.2 today. This release
contains three major new features: expanded version management for XML
documents, subscription functionality for all versioned content, and an
internationalized Silva user interface, including Dutch and German
translations. Infrae is actively seeking volunteers to translate Silva 
into other languages.

Version management

Silva 1.2 exposes additional version management capability to the user
interface. It leverages Silva's powerful multi-version system, where
content can be online while a new version is simultaneously prepared.

The version management feature allows:

* reviewing older versions of content objects

* comparing different versions side-by-side

* reverting to older versions of content

* removing of selected old versions


Silva 1.2 adds the subscriptions feature, which allows end-users to
subscribe to public web pages. As soon as a new version of a page gets
(re)published, the subscribed user receives an email
notification. It's even possible to subscribe to changes on a content
hierarchy - but only if this has been allowed using the subscription
management UI, which allows for fine-grained subscribability for
content. On the more technical side it is noteworthy that the
subscription feature has been designed to be scalable over many


Silva 1.2 has now been fully internationalized. This means that the
Silva user interface can now be presented a wide range of
languages. Besides the original UI in English, Silva 1.2 will also
ship with a German and a Dutch translation. We're eager to have
contributors help with the translation effort to other languages!

If you're interested in providing translations to other languages, or
if you wish to test an existing translation, please contact the Silva
developers at:


and we will help you get started.


The upgrade from Silva 1.1 to 1.2 involves a content upgrade, though a
small one. Ghosts need to be reindexed in the catalog, and Indexer
objects need to be refreshed. This can be performanced by a single
content upgrade. For more information see the UPGRADE.txt that will
ship with the release.

What is Silva?

Silva is an enterprise-class CMS for managing content for the web,
print, and other media. Content is stored in clean and future-proof
XML, independent of layout and presentation. Features include a
multi-version workflow system, XSLT rendering support, integral
WYSIWYG editor (Kupu), content reuse in multiple publications,
sophisticated access management, extensive import/export facilities,
fine-grained templating, and hi-res image storage and manipulation.
Silva is entirely open source.


Also available for download is a collection of Silva 'add-on' Products
with optional but useful extensions of Silva functionality.

More information

* http://www.infrae.com/products/silva

* http://www.infrae.com


* http://www.infrae.com/download/Silva

Press Contact

Martijn Faassen, faassen at infrae com

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