[Zope-Annce] Z3 ECM activities at EuroPython 2005

Paul Everitt paul at zope-europe.org
Wed Jun 15 11:06:37 EDT 2005

Hi all.  I'm the the coordinator for the Z3 ECM activities at  
EuroPython 2005 this month in Sweden:


I oriented this year's Zope track around the Z3 ECM community  
partnership between developers from CPS, Silva, Union CMS, ZC, Plone,  
and others.  Here is a list of activities that are planned for Z3 ECM:


As discussed on the Z3 ECM mailing list:


...we will also be addressing issues of project organization during  
the conference.  The choice of a name will be a funny exercise in  
watching developers pick something catchy:


We will also try to make a choice about where the repository lives,  
and if there is consensus, a choice on how/if to organize the project  
into a legal entity.

If you are going to EuroPython and you are interested in Z3 ECM and  
these topics, join the mailing list and/or drop me a line.  Z3 ECM is  
a shared partnership founded by the developers of Zope CMS projects,  
so come join the fun!


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