[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.39 released, news roundup

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Wed Mar 2 02:00:25 EST 2005

What is it
Zwiki is a Zope product for building wikis - a special kind of website
that's easy for anyone to edit.

What's changed
Search improvements, subtopics ordering, style tweaks, bugfixes.

Development has been intermittently active. Code contributions this
month included fixes from huron and from Stefan Rank. Bug reporting and
discussion has been steady. Bug closing rate has been low. In the
documentation department, there is a new User's Guide
(http://zwiki.org/UsersGuide) and a cleaned-up front page at zwiki.org.
The zwiki.org and zopewiki.org server's uptime has been good and
performance has been reasonable.

The next Zwiki Bug Day is this friday, march 4th in #zwiki! Be there or
be square. See http://zwiki.org/BugDay .

About the Zwiki project
Zwiki was started in 1999 by Simon Michael and now receives changes from
many contributors. It is released under the GNU GPL. A new version is
released on the first of the month.

http://zwiki.org - home
http://zwiki.org/ReleaseNotes - all release notes
http://zwiki.org/KnownIssues - bugs you're likely to run into
http://zwiki.org/IssueBrowser - all open bugs
http://zwiki.org/IssueTracker - search and report new ones here
http://zwiki.org/AboutZwikiDiscussion - the zwiki list, UserDiscussion
page, etc.
irc://irc.freenode.net/#zwiki - join us on IRC for quick help
http://zwiki.org/ZwikiFunding - how to donate or sponsor a feature


Zwiki 0.39.0 2005/03/01


Search improvements, subtopics ordering, style tweaks, bugfixes.

Upgrade notes

To remove excess search keywords from existing zwiki-containing plone
sites, reindex and replace the Subject index and metadata in
portal_catalog in the ZMI.

 For best search functionality, you may need to /setupCatalog and/or
upgrade or reconfigure your text indexes. See http://zwiki.org/1036 for
more info.

 If you have customized the standard skin templates or stylesheet, note
a number of CSS ids are now classes.



      * SearchPage/searchpage form cleanups, robustness fixes, better
        results, google search (#1036)
      * don't create so many search keywords in plone (#1059)


      * set RST error reporting level to 2 by default (#992, Stefan

Page hierarchy

      * support subtopics reordering with a backlinks UI and new reorder
        method (#1044)
      * preserve page hierarchy through folder renames; the outline
        information object is now visible in the ZMI and permanent
      * don't redirect after /updateWikiOutline, because it confuses
        first page creation in plone (#1028, huron)

General - skins

      * don't add left & right whitespace margins in default skin any
      * avoid ids for css-usage where possible (Stefan Rank)
      * little typo in css eliminated formfield(s) background color
        setting (Stefan Rank)
      * underline h2s, gnome-style, shrink them a bit, and add slight
        whitespace above
      * don't reduce default font size in stylesheet
      * tweak access key help
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