[Zope-Annce] Ingeniweb releases PloneArticle 3.1

Olivier Deckmyn - INGENIWEB olivier.deckmyn at ingeniweb.com
Wed Mar 9 11:10:40 EST 2005

Hi there !

We are very proud to announce release of PloneArticle 3.1 today !

PloneArticle is full-featured **Archetypes-based content type** which 
provides an Article/Document type with many improvements and comfort:

   * Multiple Images, Attachments (files) and links support

   * Multiple page layouts (models) for your articles

   * Full Archetypes integration, with the ability to reference content 
in your article to create an aggregated article

   * Support for attachments **indexing** and **preview** for numerous 
file types

   * A lock support - useful for team work

   * A really friendly user-interface, thought for **end-user** !

   * Full featured configlet for easy configuration

## Features

* Add Images : Add any images to your article, as they come from your 
hard-drive. With our images support, no extra-bandwith consumed : 
thumbnails are calculated once and cached on the server. (using PIL, not 

* Add Attachments : Add as many attachment as you want to your article. 
Content type is detected, and the correct icon is shown. PLUS : the 
**content** of your attachment is indexed. You need the GPL 
[PloneExFile][1] for this feature. _Next version will enhance support 
for External Editor, in order to ease modification of attachment 
directly from the web_.

* Link your content : Add links from your article to any content of your 
website, using a nice interface, and have the links **automatically** 
maintainied ! (thanx to Archetypes reference mechanism). Links to 
external website are also possible.

* Choose your Layout : All articles are given a presentation template (a 
_model_) to provide an uniform way to deliver content to your visitors. 
A tenth out-of-the-box models is shipped with PloneArticle, and you can 
create as many additional models as you want. _Next release will come 
with a graphical tool to edit your models without any html knownledge ([ 

* Store anywhere : Article content storage and referencing Article 
content (attachments, images and links) can be either directly 
integrated into the article, or referenced from other Archetypes content 
elsewhere in your website.
As PloneArticle is compatible with virtually any Archetypes-based 
content type, PA provides a seamless integration into your Plone site 
and a smooth way to upgrade to PloneArticle.

* Work in a team : PloneArticle has a **lock management** feature, 
allowing a contributor to lock its content, ie. to remove other 
peoples's write permissions on a particular PloneArticle. Only the 
person who locked the article or an administrator can unlock it.  Of 
course, you can disable this feature in our configlet if you don't want 
to mess your users ;)  Furthermore, the referencing feature brings a new 
step in Plone's team work management : you can work your underlying 
content (images, files and links) in team workspaces and have a small
set of plone articles in your "public" space referencing those private
documents. This makes your workflow design a lot easier.

* Indexing and preview support : With our [PloneExFile][1] and [
AttachmentField][3] products, the content your attachments (PDF, Word, 
Excel, ...) are now indexed by Plone and can be previewed in HTML 
directly into Plone!  It can parse content, in order to index and 
preview PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML and text formats, even 
without installing any additional software on Windows platform!

* Internationalization : PloneArticle is fully translated in english, 
french, italian, japanese and portugese, thanks to our contributors.

## License and support

PloneArticle is GPL. It's hosted on SourceForge, so anybody can easily
contribute it.

You can contact us at support at ingeniweb.com

The project is fully Open-Source and hosted at [SourceForge][4]

Download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ingeniweb

Contact us for more information: http://www.ingeniweb.com ,
contact at ingeniweb.com or by phone: +33 1 30 06 01 41.

[1]: http://ingeniweb.sourceforge.net/Products/PloneExFile
[2]: http://ingeniweb.sourceforge.net/Products/PloneArticleModelEditor
[3]: http://ingeniweb.sourceforge.net/Products/AttachmentField
[4]: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ingeniweb

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