[Zope-Annce] Foundation status update

Rob Page rob.page at zope.com
Fri Nov 11 12:55:48 EST 2005

Hello everyone:

We wanted to send an update on the status of the Zope
Foundation.  We circulated a number of documents to an
advisory committee.

The comments were excellent and precise.  The comments
also identified a number of documents that needed to be
either developed or updated before we circulate the
final set of documents to the community for review.

This process is nearing completion.  We will send the
updated set of docs to the advisory committee, collect
feedback, incorporated that feedback and then circulate
those drafts to the community.

Rough schedule:

   Nov 14: Circulate updated docs to advisory committee
   Nov 18: Feedback from committee collected
   Dec 25:  Circulate doc set to community

Thanks for your patience and attention!


Rob Page               V: 540 361 1710
Zope Corporation       F: 703 995 0412

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