[Zope-Annce] Zwiki 0.52 released

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Apr 1 23:23:11 EST 2006

No time for foolery! Alas. Zwiki 0.52 has been released at http://
Zwiki is a free, powerful, easy to use and manage wiki engine for Zope 2; it
works with standard Zope, CMF or Plone sites. Here is the news.


        Restructured Text fixed & now the default markup, standard skin
    templates refactored and used for plone, zwiki/plone skin
    switching always available, wiki navigation links and issuebrowser
    (re-)enabled, better styles, zope 2.7 support fixed, slow freeform
    link rendering fixed, translation updates including a new Thai
    translation, much code cleanup.

    Upgrade notes

        A lot of skins code has changed. Your old wikis should keep
    working as before except:

    - if you have a customized ``recentchanges`` or ``searchwiki``
          template you'll need to delete it or replace with the latest and

    - full/simple/minimal links in old custom skin templates will no
      longer work.

    - http://zwiki.org/HowToUseTheStandardSkinInPlone is now built in,
          if you made a "Zwiki" CMF skin you can delete it.



        * fix startup failure with Zope 2.7 (#1222, Frank Laurijssens)

        * fix a mysterious new bug with cmf/plone registration (#1237)


        * leave site links enabled by default again (home, changes,

        * fix container context, make page management form create button
          respect folder permission (#1220)


        * switching between plone and standard zwiki skins in CMF/plone
          sites is now always available, and no longer changes the url.
          Just use the - and + access keys (in firefox: alt minus, alt

        * fix the two-year-old freeform links speed regression (#818,
          Warren Holt, Simon Michael)

        * fix double-linking of bare urls in rst pages

        * add standard RST styles and latest zwiki.org tweaks to
          stylesheet - black headings & subtopic links, limited text
          width, etc.

        * tweak rst comment headings - remove blank line after heading,
          don't italicise username

        * fix too-small headings on RST pages, and don't show so many RST
          warnings (#1224)

        * work better with plone livesearch

        * UserOptions.dtml was missing a > (Andrew Milton)

        * remove unneeded styling of external editor icon

        * remove unnecessary inconsistent-looking access key on logo

        * show a heading on all views except editform


        * make restructured text the default page type, change page type
          order in editform. (AdoptRestructuredText)
      "As of today, RST is the default page type. Hurrah! And three
      cheers for trusty old STX, which served us well. It is still the
      page type of choice when you want to do stuff with embedded DTML
      or HTML."

        * fix error displayed on first comment to an RST page (#1233)

        * show "HTML (WYSIWYG)" in the editform when Epoz is available

        * remove editform's hard-coded gray background

      Page hierarchy

        * make backlinks form smarter

        * make singletons have same style as other links in contents


      Issue tracking

        * don't bother showing "(property change)" in issue mailouts

        * provide a link to issuebrowser by default

        * make IssueBrowser show categories more usefully out of the box


        * Thai translation started (Bunyawat Singchai)

        * update po files from rosetta and code, simplify file names


        * namegeddon. File and class renames and re-ordering for clarity
          and better organization eg in wing ide

        * major refactoring of skin templates using macros, the same
          templates are now used for standard & plone skins (ViewGeddon)

        * document skin code in Views.py

        * use PageTemplateFile so view templates will reload in debug mode
          (macros still don't)

        * move all images to skins dir, use the standard zwiki page icon in

        * standard_error_message cleanups



Happy Springcleaning!
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