[Zope-Annce] 2nd edition of Zope 3 book available!

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Sat Dec 2 10:23:07 EST 2006

I'm proud to announce that -- as the first Zope book ever -- my book 
titled "Web Component Development with Zope 3" has been released as a 
second edition and is now available from online and local bookstores.

Like the first edition, the new book is targeted at all web developers 
who want to get into Zope 3 or learn more about Zope 3 and Zope 3 
technology than they already know.  It's accompanied by an extensive 
example application that's extended throughout the book.

*Unlike* the first edition, the second edition is...

- up-to-date.

   The book covers the latest Zope 3 release, Zope 3.3, which has only
   been released recently. All chapters, all examples, and the appendices
   have been revised to match the most current Zope 3 codebase.

- bigger.

   Five (!) new chapters, all describing new features in Zope, have been
   added, many others were extended notably. In total, the book is more
   than 80 pages thicker than the old one -- at the same price as the old

- better.

   With the second edition, the book has been completely revamped. My
   excellent reviewers from the Zope and Plone community have done a
   tremendous good job at improving the book's language and technical
   details. I also improved the didactics in various places.

- for you!

   No matter if you're a Zope 3 developer or just starting to get into
   Zope 3, I suggest you keep the book under your pillow. Even as a Zope
   2 or Plone developer, you'd be surprised how much Zope 3 technology
   you can now use in Zope 2 -- and this book tells you how! This makes
   it a must-buy especially for Plone developers as Plone 3.0 is using
   Zope 3 components for all new development.

Find out more at http://worldcookery.com.


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2nd edition of Web Component Development with Zope 3 is now shipping!

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