[Zope-Annce] z3c.formjs-0.2 and z3c.formjsdemo-0.2 released!

Paul Carduner paulcarduner at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 01:38:23 EDT 2007

The 0.2 versions of z3c.formjs and z3c.formjsdemo have just been released!
(for the blog version of this mail, see

For those who have not been following the development, z3c.formjs is a
package that extends z3c.form (written by Stephan Richter and Roger
Ineichen), adding JavaScript and AJAX functionality. More
specifically, it allows you to control JavaScript and AJAX from within
a presentation component like a form based view class. Alternatively
ala Stephan Richter,

    This package is designed to provide a Python API to common
Javascript features
    for forms written with the "z3c.form*" packages. While the reference
    backend-implementation is for the JQuery library, any other
Javascript library can
    be hooked into the Python API.

Here's what's new in the 0.2 release, taken straight from CHANGES.txt:

Version 0.2.0 (7/18/2007)

    * Feature: Registration of public AJAX server calls via a simple
      decorator. The calls are made available via a special ajax view on the
      original view.
    * Feature: Allow registering of JS subscriptions via a decorator within the
      presentation component.
    * Feature: Added a new CSS selector.
    * Feature: Implementation of AJAX-driven widget value validation.
    * Restructure: Completely overhauled the entire API to be most
easy to use and
      have the most minimal implementation.
    * Bug: The package is now 100% tested.
    * Feature: Implementation of AJAX request handlers in forms.

Version 0.2.0 (7/18/2007)

    * Feature: The new chatroom demo implements a simple chat client
in HTML and Javascript using the z3c.formjs package.
    * Feature: Validation demo showing off on the fly ajax field validation.
    * Restructure: Code updated to keep up with the changes in the API
of z3c.formjs.

Installation Instructions
To checkout the demo, perform the following commands:

svn co svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/z3c.formjsdemo/tags/0.2.0 z3c.formjsdemo
cd z3c.formjsdemo
python2.4 bootstrap.py
./bin/buildout -Nv
./bin/demo fg

The demo will then be available at http://localhost:8080.
Alternatively, checkout the live demo at
http://demo.carduner.net:8080/ (please no slashdot posts)

Cheese Shop
Both of these packages are available on the Python Cheese Shop at

    * http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/z3c.formjs/0.2.0
    * http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/z3c.formjsdemo/0.2.0

Want to help?
This is by no means a one (or two (or three ( … ) ) ) (wo)man project
and I am very interested in what kinds of use cases other people have
and would like to see implemented or demonstrated. I am also very
interested in having other people join the fun and hack on some code.
z3c.formjs is in theory JavaScript library agnostic, and I would love
for that theory to be tested with a MochiKit rendering plugin or any
other type of rendering plugin. So, please if you are interested,
contact me at paulcarduner at gmail dot com or just make lots of noise
on zope3-users, zope3-dev, or #zope3-dev and we can discuss further
goals and tasks.

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