[Zope-Annce] SQLAlchemy 0.2 released - a generic database adapter for Zope 2

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Sat May 5 09:45:39 EDT 2007

I am pleased to announce the first public release of

                  SQLAlchemyDA V 0.2.0



What is SQLAlchemyDA?

SQLAlchemyDA is both a tiny frontend to the z3c.sqlalchemy SQLAlchemy 
package for Zope 2 and Zope 3. In addition it acts  as a database adapter 
for ZSQL methods. Since it is based on SQLAlchemy,  SQLAlchemy supports all 
databases out-of-the box that are supported by SQLAlchemy.


  - Zope 2.8 +

  - SQLAlchemy 0.3.X

  - z3c.sqlalchemy 1.0.0 +


  - download and install z3c.sqlalchemy as egg or from the sources
    from Cheeseshop (easy_install z3c.sqlalchemy)

  - A z3c.sqlAlchemy SAWrapper must be registered. The best way to do this
    right now to put something like this into your Product's initialize():


       def  initialize(context):

           from z3c.sqlalchemy import createSAWrapper, registerSAWrapper
           wrapper = 
createSAWrapper('postgres://user:password@host/database', forZope=True)
           registerSAWrapper(wrapper, 'my-sa-wrapper')

  - After restarting Zope you go to the ZMI and create an instance of
    "SQLAlchemy Wrapper Integration" (as you would create some DA instance).
    After creating the instance you should see 'my-sa-wrapper' in the
    properties form of  the new instance. When creating a new ZSQL method
    you should be able to use this DA instance as connection id.

Using SQLAlchemyDA:

  - for using SQLAlchemyDA through object mappers as used in SQLAlchemy
    you can use the getMapper() and getMappers() methods. Check
    the z3c.sqlchemy documentation for details. A SQLAlchemy Session object
    can be obtained by the getSession() method. Sessions are integrated
    with Zope 2 transaction management.

  - a SQLAlchemyDA instance can be used as a standard DA together with
    ZSQL methods.


    Mappers/Sessions and Connections (for ZSQL methods) are totally
    independent and have their own transaction. Mixing both would
    result in two distinct transactions leading to unpredictable results.

SQLAlchemyDA is  licensed under the Zope Public License 2.1.
See LICENSE.txt.

Andreas Jung

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