[Zope-Annce] Re: [Zope] SQLAlchemy 0.2 released - a generic database adapter for Zope 2

Morten W. Petersen morten at nidelven-it.no
Mon May 7 13:54:38 EDT 2007

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Tino Wildenhain wrote at 2007-5-5 20:58 +0200:
>  ...
>> Btw, what do you think about an idea to (alternatively)
>> configure db-connections in zope.conf?
> I like local (instance specific) configurations -- that the primary
> reason while we have the instances at all.
> While local configurations are possible in "zope.conf", it is
> somewhat tedious (as can be seen for mount points).

Has anyone noticed the following footer on this list?

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"No discussions" ;)


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