[Zope-Annce] New Zope Foundation bylaws passed

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Wed Dec 17 10:31:19 EST 2008

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After a lot of hard work a special Zope Foundation membership meeting  
called for December 12, 2008 passed a new set of bylaws unanimously.

The current bylaws were based on those of the Eclipse foundation,  
which shortly after adoption were discovered to be too heavyweight for  
the kind of organization the Zope Foundation aims to be. Evolving the  
existing bylaws into something more appropriate and manageable was  
attempted but failed.

The proposed bylaws are based on the bylaws of the Python Software  
Foundation, with some additional improvements the PSF itself is  
intending to implement. They were also brought in line with the fact  
that the Zope Foundation expects to conduct most of its meetings and  
communication online.

The major differences between the current and the proposed bylaws are:

  * Making changes to the bylaws becomes easier.

  * There will be only three classes of members:

     1. Nominated Members, an individual and free membership that  
replaces the old 'committer' and 'associate' memberships.  There will  
no longer be any formal relation between being a Zope Committer and  
becoming a Foundation Member.

     2. Sponsorship Members, members who financially sponsor the  

     3. Emeritus Members, members who retired from active membership.

The new bylaws can be downloaded from the Zope Foundation website at

Jens Vagelpohl, Board Member, Zope Foundation

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