[Zope-Annce] z3c.form 2.0.0 released!

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Sat Jun 13 23:48:18 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

on behalf of the `z3c.form` developers, I am proud to announce the next major
release of `z3c.form` 2.0.0. `z3c.form` is a flexible, rapid-development
form framework for Zope 3.

Thanks goes to everyone who helped out with the release!

For the curious and impatient ...

While we have not yet updated the demos to the latest features, the demo still
works and provides a quick introduction. To run the demos do the following::

  $ svn co svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/z3c.formdemo/tags/2.0.0 formdemo
  $ cd formdemo
  $ python bootstrap.py
  $ ./bin/buildout
  $ ./bin/demo fg

Now you can access the demo under:


What's new

`z3c.form` 2.0.0 provides many new features that were needed for our
projects. Here are the highlights.

- Several new, non-trivial widgets.

  * There is now a widget for sequence fields (`IList` and `ITuple` field)
    whose value types are simple fields (like `TextLine`, `Int`, ...). It uses
    simple sub-forms.

  * There is a text lines widget that provides a text area to enter one value
    per line. Again sequence fieds with simple value types are supported.

  * An initial implementation of an object widget was created. This makes
    developing forms much faster.

- Groups can now be nested.

- Besides vocabularies, sources are now supported.

- There is optional support for z3c.pt, a very fast implementation of TAL,

- Full backward-compatibility to Zope KGS 3.4.0 was kept to support a stable
  Zope 3 code base and the surrent Plone released.

Fore a complete list of changes, see:


As always, the code is 100% test covered to ensure the highest quality


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