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Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sun May 24 08:18:17 EDT 2009

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Hi all,

Please exclude the mass-email, most of you will receive this more than  
once, we're hoping to catch any current contributor whose email  
address on zope.org is not current. Anyone who has svn.zope.org  
checkin privileges and has not received personal email with the  
content below, please read and follow the instructions, otherwise you  
may find yourself without access.



- -----------------------------------------------

You may be aware that the copyright for software stored in the
software repositories on svn.zope.org has recently been assigned
to the Zope Foundation, from the earlier copyright holder Zope
Corporation. The old contributor agreements expressly assigned
a joint copyright to Zope Corporation for any software checked
into svn.zope.org repositories. With the Zope Foundation taking
over these copyrights, the agreement with the contributors needs
to change so that the Zope Foundation is the joint copyright
holder for all new code coming into the repositories.

For you as a contributor this means you need to submit a new
contributor agreement[1] if you want to stay on as an active
contributor to Zope and/or the other software hosted in the
repositories on svn.zope.org. Here's how:

- - download the new agreement[1]

- - fill in the new agreement, and since you are a current
  contributor it is OK to enter Jim Fulton (jim at zope.com) as the
  required reference committer

- - sign and date the agreement

- - either scan the agreement and email it to foundation-info at zope.org,
  or fax it to the Zope Foundation fax number +1 (703) 842-8076

To ensure a timely copyright transition we ask you to submit the
new contributor agreement no later than June 17, 2009. The
Zope Foundation board will try to contact any contributor who
has not replied at that point between June 18 and June 26, and
on June 26 checkin access will be removed for those who have not
sent in the new agreement.

Thanks again for your support!

Jens Vagelpohl
Secretary, Zope Foundation Board of Directors

[1] http://foundation.zope.org/agreements/ZopeFoundation_Committer_Agreement

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