[Zope-Annce] NOTICE: Planned server and list outage

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Tue May 25 05:43:44 EDT 2010

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Please note:

First of all, apologies for the cross-posting. I wanted to reach as many
people as possible.

On Thursday, May 27 (2 days from now) one of the Zope
Foundation-maintained servers will be physically moved to a different
data center by our hosting provider. The server will be shut down at
around 20:00 UTC and, according to the hosting provider, become
available again no later than 05:30 UTC the next day (Friday, May 28).

This outage will affect several websites as well as the mailing list
service. No mail sent to the lists will be lost, though, it will just be
queued up on our secondary mail relay, which is unaffected by this move.
Once the main server comes back up it will be delivered.

Services affected
 - the docs.zope.org website
 - the download.zope.org website
 - all zope.org mailing lists and the lists.zope.org website

Server shutdown
Thursday, May 27 20:00 UTC
 - 22:00 CEST/Berlin
 - 16:00 EDT/New York
 - May 28 06:00 EST/Sydney

Server start
On or before Friday, May 28 05:30 UTC
 - 07:30 CEST/Berlin
 - 01:30 EDT/New York
 - 15:30 EST/Sydney

I will send a reminder a few hours before the move.


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