[Zope-Checkins] SVN: Zope/branches/Zope-2_8-branch/doc/CHANGES.txt typo in CHANGES.txt

Leonardo Rochael Almeida leo at hiper.com.br
Wed Nov 15 04:07:55 EST 2006

Log message for revision 71134:
  typo in CHANGES.txt

  U   Zope/branches/Zope-2_8-branch/doc/CHANGES.txt

Modified: Zope/branches/Zope-2_8-branch/doc/CHANGES.txt
--- Zope/branches/Zope-2_8-branch/doc/CHANGES.txt	2006-11-15 09:06:14 UTC (rev 71133)
+++ Zope/branches/Zope-2_8-branch/doc/CHANGES.txt	2006-11-15 09:07:54 UTC (rev 71134)
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
       - Collector #2235: A number of ZCatalog methods were doing boolean
         evaluation of objects that implemented __len__ instead of checking
-        them against None. Replace a number of "if not obj" with
-        "if obj is not None".
+        them against None. Replaced a number of "if not obj" with
+        "if obj is None".
       - Fix yet another resTructuredText glitch, and add tests (test
         backported from 2.9, which was not in fact vulnerable).

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