[Zope-PTK] Installation problem

Claudio Biasiolo cbiasiolo@veniceplaza.net
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 17:35:14 -0000


I'm using Zope2.2.2 under linux RH6.2 and i've tried to install ZopePKT 0.82
I gave this command:
[/usr/local/Zope...]# tar xzf /tmp/ZopePTK-0_8_2-complete_tar.tar
as described in the installation note,(no error message returned)

start zope with:
# su nobody start

in netscape i watched in add list for any  new portal object but i didn't
find it.
So i serched for a broken product in Products folder and i didn't find it.

Is there anyone  who can tell me why or where i made a mistake?

Thank you in advance

By Claudio.