[Zope-PTK] Upgrading/Customizing

Shane Hathaway shane@digicool.com
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 09:24:46 -0500

Chris Withers wrote:
> Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > > Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > > > In other words, you want to customize your PTK while keeping the door
> > > > open for future upgrades.  You have hit on a major problem and the
> > > > current solution is terribly inadequate IMHO: there is a
> > > > "refresh_interface" method which wipes out your changes and installs a
> > > > new interface.
> <snip skins>
> Yeah, I like this, it's a different way of doing what I was planning to.
> IE: The abse bits keep on getting upgraded unless you replace/customise
> them.
> The problem, though, is what to do with the customised/replaced bits,
> particularly if you want to change interfaces...
> I wonder if an import-and-merge or something similar has been thought
> of?

If the main interface files are kept on the filesystem, it's easy.  Just
do a CVS checkout and make any changes you like to the filesystem DTML. 
"cvs up" will do the merge for you.

There are other more elaborate approaches, but IMHO this is the best
solution right now.