[Zope-PTK] how can I add NewsItems into another folder than the portal-root?

Tres Seaver tseaver@digicool.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 20:29:29 -0500

Robert Prosenc wrote:
> hallo.
> i hope somebody outside there can help me;)  i tried to make
> the NewsItem-Wizard generating NewsItems inside the propper
> folder (i used a common folder-object under the portal-root),
> but I did not succeed. In fact it seems to me that the
> 'addNewsItem()' method generates it's NewsItems ALWAYS directly
> inside the portal-root; the only clue i found (or at least i
> thought so) was the Wizard/NewsItem - property 'wizard-action',
> which (originally) calls the addNewsItem-method from the
> portal-root, but after changing the calling-position all
> NewsItems have still been generated into the same place as
> before:(  does anybody have an idea how to change that?

I recall such a bug during development -- do you perhaps have an
"old" CVS checkout (say, from about two weeks back?)  If you have
a CVS version of the PTK, I would recommend updating the checkout
to yesterday's release tag:

  cvs update -r ZopePTK-0_9_2-src

If you installed the PTK from a tarball, I would recommend upgrading
as well:


If the bug persists after you upgrade, please add it as an issue
in the PTK tracker:


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