[Zope-PTK] PTK won't let me add objects

Paul Winkler slinkp23@yahoo.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 23:14:05 -0500


I just sent this message to the main zope list - sorry, didn't realize
there was a separate PTK list.

I'm working on a site based on the PTK DemoPortal. PTK is a great
product, so I was happy to see a new release announced recently and
took the opportunity (yesterday, 11/20) to update my PTK installation
CVS. Well, now the Zope management interface won't let me add anything
inside the Portal except Document, Link, News Item, Portal File,
Portal Folder, and Portal Image. I'm NOT talking about the Portal
interface - just the plain old Zope "Available Objects" button.

Is this caused by anything I did? I don't think so - if I add a new
Portal it has the same behavior.

Was this done on purpose? If so, why on earth would you want to
prevent anyone from adding so much as a humble DTML method?? We're not
talking about the end-user interface here.

For now I'm going to revert to an old version of PTK, bugfixes be
damned. I can't get any work done in this version.

Suggestions would be most welcome!!
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