[Zope-PTK] <Newbie alert>How members can publish content on their home page?

Tres Seaver tseaver@digicool.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 10:57:03 -0500

stefano.ciccarelli@thewhitebird.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently installed PTK 0.9.2.
> Once a member creates content, such as links, docs etc. through the Wizards,
> how can they publish it on their home page?
> Ex. if a member uploads an img named stef, and he wants this image to show
> up in his home page, how can he do this?
> I tried using <dtml-var stef> in the member home page, but it does not work.

PTK content doesn't allow for DTML.  Instead, you would need to change
format of the page from 'structured0text' to 'html' (we don't at the
have a way to incorporate images inline into STX, although that may soon
change), and then link the image in using HTML.. For instance, if the
image is called 'stefano_image', then I can include it so:

  <img src="stefano_image"> Stefano's image

> I am sorry to ask such a basic question, but I read all the PTK docs and I
> could not find an answer.

Please don't apologize -- you are asking just the sorts of questions
for which this list is intended.

> In particular, I am trying to build a PTK community product where all the
> memebers of a given organisation can build their home page.
> The idea is that they can fill in a form with basic data, such as company
> name, address, links to their web site, etc. and this data will show in
> their member page properly formatted.
> All these pages will be listed in the member section of the community site.

This sounds as though you might want to use a special kind of
content objects (e.g., 'DirectoryEntry'), which holds these pieces
of information and renders them appropriately.  The PTK wiki has a
description of creating a type of PortalContent as a ZClass:


You can look also (in the 0.9.2 release) at the UseCase ZClass in the

> The members can publish news on their home page and ask the web master to
> publish them on the portal home page.
> Where can I find documentation on how to do this?

Hmm, if the member creates a NewsItem (using the wizard) in their
own folder, they can then use its "Set Status" action to request
that it be made visible.

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