[Zope-PTK] <Newbie alert>How members can publish content on their home page?

Dennis Nichols nichols@tradingconnections.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 11:59:48 -0600

At 11/24/00 10:57 AM, Tres Seaver wrote:
>stefano.ciccarelli@thewhitebird.com wrote:
> > Ex. if a member uploads an img named stef, and he wants this image to show
> > up in his home page, how can he do this?
>PTK content doesn't allow for DTML.  Instead, you would need to change
>format of the page from 'structured0text' to 'html' (we don't at the
>have a way to incorporate images inline into STX, although that may soon
>change), and then link the image in using HTML.. For instance, if the
>image is called 'stefano_image', then I can include it so:

Although I no longer use PTK, I am a fan of structured_text and have hacked 
my zope to include a method to display images, aligned left or right, and 
optionally clickable. If something official to do this is soon available, 
great. Otherwise I could provide my changes if anyone was feeling brave.

Dennis Nichols