[Zope-PTK] Translation of PTK

Magnus Heino (Rivermen) magnus.heino@rivermen.se
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 10:00:53 +0100

> The downside to this approach is that your new product will need
> to be resynched with newer versions of DemoPortal;  on the other
> hand, it does leave you with a clearer point of control for
> laying out the site as you would like.
> A more elegant solution, anyone?

Not with the current version of Zope, but the current version of Zope really
sucks when it comes to localization :-P

Some kind of general system for handlig different languages is really needed

Most systems seems to do it by providing support for language files, and I
cant see why Zope couldnt use the same approach.

I guess this is because Digital Creations only(?) have US customers?