[Zope-CMF] translation of CMF 1.1. Request for comments

Jens Quade jq@jquade.de
21 Jun 2001 20:28:12 +0200

"Robert Rottermann redCOR AG" <robert@redcor.ch> writes:

> Before we start, I would hear the opinion of the community. So please tell
> me asap if there is a compelling reason not to do it this way.

In my first aproach, I did translations into a "de" skin with subfolders,


as file-based product (to make updates easier).

Then I just defined skins (lists of folders...) in different languages.

This scheme may make it easier to provide multiple translations from
different sources, than a single-file approach.

A phrase-to-phrase translation effort would heavily depend on integration
into the main CMF distribution. I dont this will happen before the
translation mechanism is part of the Zope distribution.