[Zope-CMF] Break My Blark!

Norman Khine khine@btinternet.com
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 23:17:07 +0100

Hi Jeff,
One thing I have noticed with both your site and cmf.zope.org is that once
you register and are loged in, and you click on the home page icon, top
left, you become an anonymous visitor. So I am not sure if this is a bug,
but seems to happen, can somebody else confirm this.



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Subject: [Zope-CMF] Break My Blark!

Hi CMF users!

I've completed an updated version of CMFOptions for
CMF 1.1 .  Most changes applied to the Blark Weblog.

Why not bounce over to www.netkook.com and try to break it?
See if you can find any bugs, there's a BUGS subject on the
weblog where you can enter them directly, or you can email
me at the address below.

Here are some of the new features (I left out a list of bugfixes so
as not to bore anyone).

cleaned up blarkActions_box to look more like CMF style.

Changed the way feature boxes work so that a DTML method can be used. For
example, if news_box is
   added to the Feature Boxes list, it will be displayed whether or not it
is a Filesystem DTML Method or
   a DTML Method (i.e., after 'Customize' is clicked from within the Portal
Skins tool).  Note that these
   DTML methods must draw their own title bar (like the news box does) -
Blark's feature boxes use the
   'News' CSS styles.

   Added the following property: noProductHome.  Inhibits adding the Blark
product home link

   To support a single Blark as the entry-point for a whole portal, added
the following property:
   noPortalHome.  If you add a Blark at the 'top' of a portal you'll have
two links to the same place at
   the top of the actions box. This property may be used to inhibit this.
Add it to the Blark instance itself
   rather than to the enclosing folder or it will apply to all Blarks in the

   To support the general use of other meta-typed objects besides DTML
methods within feature boxes, added the following
   property: objectMetaTypes.   For example, if you were to add
'EventFolder' to the
   objectMetaTypes property, then you could add an Event Folder instance
name to the Feature boxes list.

   Added the ability to have feature boxes on the left-side of the page.
The items list now accepts a suffix
   of ,side. If the side is left out, then R is assumed.

   Added the maxReplies property. Since the new Discussion system does not
provide an easy way
   to determine the number of replies without recursion, when listing the
replies we just will
   recurse to a depth of 15 and a total number of replies = 1024. This can
be used to
   override the total number limit.

    Added the Global Viewing property to the weblog properties page.  This
allows you to
     let anonymous viewers look at articles (they can click on the view

     Added a 'hide reply' feature.  You can hide/unhide replies - it's much
trickier than you would think
     to just delete them.

Jeff Sasmor

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