[Zope-CMF] Wow!

Shane Hathaway shane@digicool.com
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 22:11:01 -0400

> "cooper, cameron" wrote:
> Okay, so it's not a terribly constructive email, but I just have to
> say it:

And I just have to reply to it. :-)

> I am super impressed with the CMF. I spent one day trying to figure it
> out, and half a day putting things together, and gave an
> extemporaneous demonstration/presentation that killed. Our web guy
> thinks it's the greatest thing since the wheel, and I'm inclined to
> agree. In about 5 hours I was able to put together a content
> management system with all the pie-in-the-sky features we could think
> of and more. And I barely knew what I was doing. Now I could do it all
> over again in something like 10 minutes.

Well, that's excellent!  What features did you use?  Did you check out

> This is what Zope was born for, and I salute you.
>         --jcc
>    (yay objects!)

I'm sure not everything will come so easily :-) since the software is
still pretty new, but I guarantee you that it's only going to get
better. (In fact, some of the core engineers at DC just started to get
to know CMF today!)