Member Page options (was Re : [Zope-CMF] get a members name / 'project' object into a member folder)

Grégoire Weber
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:38:25 +0200

Hi Jon,

I was helping my parents rebuilding their new holiday 'residence' over 
the last prologued weekend, that's why it took a little bit longer to 
your e-mail.

At 11:23 22.06.01 +0100, Jon Edwards wrote:
> That should work... security isn't an issue for me yet, as we're still in
> beta, so I just verbally tell our testers/users what they can and can't=
> :-)
>From my side I am in the beta phase of a prototype, so it was only=
to look if it works with proxy roles or not (it works!).

> Could I ask how other people are using the Members page/folder?
> [...]
I am thinking about the same also. My application is about a internet portal
for environment organisations. For the moment organisations are the 'Members'
(what I don't like really -- but it's only a prototype). In the future I have
to find a way to have subportals in the portal or even distributed portals 
which act as portals for the organisations *and* as subportal in the context
of the 'top all organisations portal'. How this can be get working is a little
unclear for me at the moment. But as I have seen in past, there would be 
solution when I need it.

The aim at the moment is to have a application that helps people to figure
the power and the possibilites of the overall approach (and not to think to
far into future :-). So the prototype will be only a incomplete version of
desired 'result'. That's why the following explanations are a little bit news 

The essence of the problem on my side is, to have a well structured
but with the possibility for organisations to have their own sandboxes, where 
they are more free in creating/structuring content. The aim is not to kill 
creativity by overstructuring but give anonymous surfers a clearly arranged 
experience (sorry about the word). The prototype should reflect this aim!

So what I have planed for now:

 - News: Members (= organisations) have the same news centered index_html 
   containing their own news only. For the prototype I have to tweak the 
   interpretation of the defaultWorkflows state meanings a little bit:
   - private: only viewable if loged in as member
   - pending: viewable by anonymous but only in the members folder
   - public:  viewable by anonymous at the top page (findable also)

 - Calendar: I have to have a look at CMFCalendar which I want to include
at the
   news page to have fast access to the actual months news items. In the first
   version you'll se a fake calendar only.

 - About: Informations about the organisation. Open Question: How much

 - Search: As in standard CMF (layout changes only).

 - Topics: I need them to create topic centric subportals based on
subjects. So 
   I have a kind of matrix with org's in the columns and topics in the rows.

 - Predefined Folders and/or Subjects: On the org's subportal it should be 
   easy to access campains, press informations, link lists, etc. So I need a 
   kind of predefined folder structure. It's possibly more intelligent to 
   work with subjects. But this thought possibly interferes with topics. 
   So I'll have to think about it a little more.

   This should be as independant as possible from which portal_types will
   be installed. So the portal should not be CMF type centric but 
   topics/activity centric (to document a campain eg. I take a weblog, 
   documents to generate press releases, news items to inform a wider audience
   over the org's (sub)portal frontpage etc.)

Remark: To avoid my head blowing up (because of the possibilites of
I better do not think too consequently about all possibilities for the moment.

Some comments and questions about your input:

> - MyNewsfeeds - external newsfeeds via RSS, or internal via FSS - add a
> facility to copy a newsitem to MyWeblog (where you add your comments), and
> you have a simple version of RadioUserland
Is FSS the other (receiving) side of RSS? 

> - MySubscriptions/Interests - user subscribes to a topic/subject, and is
> informed whenever something is added relevant to that topic (see also the
> Personalisation ideas posted by Bjorn, and Seb/Chris' ideas on integrating
> mailinglist functionality, so you could be emailed a "daily-update")
Does this already exist? This will be interesting.

> - MyWorkflow - a summary of the objects the user is working on, or those
> that are awaiting his review (or other workflow action) - perhaps divided
> into the different workgroups he belongs to, if you're using Workgroups?
For the prototype I possibly would have a predefined topics folder listing 
all private items so they could be published in the orgs subportal.

> - MyCalendar/Emails/Contacts - something for the future! Integrate
> Worldpilot/GUM/somethingelse with your intranet CMF, and you have=
> together in one handy app! World-domination beckons! ;-)
he, he!

Greetings, Greg
Grégoire Weber