[Zope-CMF] DCworkflow questions

Grégoire Weber gregoire.weber@switzerland.org
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 01:11:50 +0200


is there somebody out there using DCworkflow 0.2?

I have a few questions about how to build a new workflow with DCworkflow 0.2.

I have defined all my states (4) and transitions (8). Now I'm stuck with
the transition properties "Trigger type" and "Guard" (I do not understand
all details):

I'm used in thinking in state diagrams, but I have some problems in mapping
my knowledge to the DCworkflows implementation. How do I have to define the
conditions on which a transition has to occur. As I assume the condition
for transition can be defined by the "Trigger type", Script" and "Guard"
properties. But how?

1) Is it correct to select "Initiated by user action" 
   if the transition is done by user interaction?
2) What is "Automatic" for? -- To have intermediate 
   states with transitions depend only on some other 
   internal state(s)/variables?
3) What is "Initiated by WorkflowMethod" for?

4) Scripts can be used to hide and reuse complex 
   expressions. Correct?

5) Should "Permission(s)" be one of the managed 
   permissions? On which character are permissions 
   splited? ';' or ','?
6) Is it correct, that the URL in "Display in actions 
   box" has to be the same kind of dtml method as 
   "content_submit_form" is for the default workflow?
7) What does a empty expression mean (false or true)?

Huh, a lot af questions! Sorry! Partial tips/answers would probably help also.

Greetings, Greg

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