[Zope-CMF] RE: Re: [Zope] A Tale from IBM land...

A.J. Rossini rossini@u.washington.edu
26 Jun 2001 18:14:45 -0700

>>>>> "CM" == Chris McDonough <chrism@digicool.com> writes:

    CM> To start using Zope, you need to chew off quite a bit... 1)
    CM> through the web everything, 2) object orientation, 3) DTML,
    CM> and 4) Python.  Oh and by the way if all you want to do is
    CM> take an existing CGI and run it under Zope (for whatever
    CM> reason).. well.. sorry.

But wait!  You _CAN_ run things side by side if you front end with
Apache, and migrate towards the true religion!  It's great!

(and makes for truly hacked-together, piecemeal WWW sites, like the
ones I'm doing to demo/experiment with OSS WWW-based bioinformatics
technologies all at the same time... now if only they'd have done Zope
in the first place...).

The point being that Zope can be insiduously incorporated into a WWW
site, much in the same way that MS products can infiltrate an
otherwise pristine office environment.


("psst! want an app server, little child?")

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