[Zope-CMF] Re: Our CMF-CMS Demo

Timothy Wilson wilson@visi.com
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 08:37:18 -0500 (CDT)

> Note : We're going to open-source this stuff soon (probably GPL), and we're
> using this demo-site to show a few potential collaborators, so please don't
> post anything rude! ...and please don't pass the URL on, outside the bounds
> of this list. :-)

I thought this was so cool I submitted the link to Slashdot. Hope that's OK
with you! :-) (a joke, don't panic)

> I won't clutter up the list by posting lots of details and instructions
> here, unless people are interested? If it's considered generally useful by
> the list, I'm happy to discuss it on here, but if not, email me off-list
> (I'll try to hack some brief docs together!)

I would encourage you to post as much info as you can cobble together about
your experience working on this. It would seem that this is very similar to
what I'd like to try to do with my school's site.


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