[Zope-CMF] Re: Zope-CMF digest, Vol 1 #621 - 20 msgs

Ken Manheimer klm@digicool.com
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 17:50:06 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, "Jon Edwards" <jon@pcgs.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:

> I knew I'd seen that name somewhere - http://cmf.zope.org/Members/klm

I got found out!  I meant to speak up sooner, sorry!

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> > From: Chris Withers [mailto:chrisw@nipltd.com]
> > Sent: 28 June 2001 17:18
> > Hang on, what's ZOMA in this context? I thought you said ZOMA _was_ the
> > archives? Sounds like a product or something here?
> >

ZOMA is a product for expressing email messages as CMF content.  I also
created a script to create instances for messages from several maillists -
many of the zope.org mailling lists and the python list.  The basic aim
was to catalog a slew of messages (around 130,000) so we exercise the
catalog a bit - and i could get acquainted with making a CMF product.  It
worked.  I just started the site up, and it's not altogether fine, but you
can try a search:


If anyone's interested, i can provide the product code - i don't think
it's anything special.

It *is* nice to have email messages as CMF content - cataloged w/suitable
metadata, usable in other applications, etc.

If anyone might be interested in building on the ZOMA product code (no big
deal), let me know, i'd be glad to share it.

> Long-term (medium-term, short-term??), the stuff you and Seb were discussing
> re. a weblog/mailing-list cross will do all I want and more for building CMF
> products, Chris!

I haven't been able to track the discussion, so this may be irrelevant -
but i see great merit in having objects that have the threading/lineage
information, and then being able to view them as weblog, wiki, maillist
discussions, topics, whatever organizational presentation is suited to the
moment.  *That's* a big win i see in the CMF.

> ...but then again, the CMF-list will probably not be run on this?

There's some talk around here about exploring webmail kinds of provisions,
but that's very back burner, as far as i can tell.  So we probably won't
be doing something like this any time soon.

> All I wanted was an easier way to get at this list for weblogging/reviewing
> porpoises! :-)

Have you considered setting up a local mail-to-news gateway?  NNTP is
pretty well organized for good perusing - and there sure used to be nice
interfaces for organizing stuff...

Ken Manheimer