[Zope-CMF] CMF for intranets?

Paul Everitt paul@digicool.com
Fri, 29 Jun 2001 07:18:10 -0400

Seb's position has a lot of merit.  A lot of us internally at DC are 
seeing the value of the CMF for a deparment or "SME" (small to medium 
enterprise setting).  The reasons are pretty clear:

   o Fewer "enterprise" hurdles to face or overcome, such as
   integration with EJB, Peoplesoft, NetPerceptions, etc.

   o A far more friendly "buyer" profile (the IT Director, who
   pragmatically wants her problem solved quickly with bloated
   architectures requiring tremendous staff).

   o Potentially, alliance with other trends in that space, such
   as Linux (which has great server traction, but not in the
   enterprise space covered by so-called analysts).

And most importantly, the market for under $100k total cost CMS
deployments, like an intranet, is wide open from a CMS perspective.  The 
big big vendors (Interwoven, Vignette) are going to have a hard time 
going there.  Take a look at:


...and there isn't much listed in under $200k.  Now there's Microsoft 
(who had Sharepoint, an excellent product, and now has Resolution from 
nCompass) to squeeze most of the lower end products.  But MS won't touch 
Linux, meaning the combination of:

   o Department and SME focus, which means intranet

   o Under $100k

   o Linux as fast-growing server OS for departments

...is an interesting spot.  Of course, do Linux people have money? :^)

So, back to whether the CMF has the juice for intranets.  If someone is 
willing to close the last 5%, I think it's an astonishing architecture 
for document management and knowledge management.  So I hope you choose 
it.  And as one of the pooh-bahs at DC, I can assure you: there's a big, 
big future for the CMF.

So, thanks for asking, Craig!


seb bacon wrote:

> Ditto.  We've developed an intranet system based on the CMF, using
> topics, customised types, new skins and a MailIn to allow addition of
> content via email.  In fact I'd say the CMF is more suitable to
> intranets than website management out of the box.
> seb
> * Ben Riga <briga@borland.com> [010628 20:49]:
>>Yes. I am using Zope to manage an intranet site.  With very little work on
>>my part I was able to get this up and running.  I also feel that now that I
>>have it running I could hand it off to someone non-technical to keep
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>>Can anyone give some advice on the suitability of CMF for a company
>>intranet?  I'd been considering giving it a try, but now that I've actually
>>taken some time to look at it, I'm not so sure it's right for us.  Has
>>anyone actually built an intranet with CMF?
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