[Zope-CMF] Re: Member's Name and CMF Site's Name

Yuppie schubbe at web.de
Wed Dec 3 05:38:50 EST 2003

Pascal Samuzeau wrote:
> Is there any problem between the Member's Name and CMF Site's Name ?  
> I have tried to registered a member which the same name of CMF Site's 
> Name.                                                                 
> I have no error, I have my password send to me, I have my member      
> "visible" in my portal_memberdata/contents and my acl_users is here.  
> But I really can't have any Folder of that nmae in my member's Folder.

member's folder or members folder?

If you meant members folder, this is <http://collector.zope.org/CMF/102> 
and resolved in CMF 1.4.

HTH, Yuppie

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