[Zope-CMF] ManagedMeetings and ChangeNotification

Bill Page bill.page1 at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 5 10:15:23 EST 2003


I am interested in whether anyone has attempted to integrate
the following Zope applications into CMF. Actually I discovered
that they are not so much "old" other than that they are
apparently designed to work at the "Zope level" rather than
CMF or Plone.

Suggestions on how to make these applications work with CMF
and Plone would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Page.

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Plone Users;

There are two relatively "older" Python Products in which
I am very interested:

Managed Meetings


Change Notificaton


I have attempted to install both of these products under
Plone 1.0.5 with no success (yet), although it looks
promising that they might be made to work.

I was wondering if anyone here is using either of these products? I am still
continuing to "fiddle" with them to get them to work on my system, but I
would appreciate someone with whom to discuss the problems and to compare

Bill Page.

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