[Zope-CMF] skin folders and performance

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Dec 5 14:56:43 EST 2003

Gerry Kirk wrote at 2003-12-5 11:01 -0500:
>I just discovered, after a few painful weeks, that nesting skin folders 
>in CMF/Plone is a *bad* thing.
>We have nested folders, in order to keep our files separate from 
>customized skin files. In all, there were 3 levels of folders, with 
>about 15 folders in all.
>After eliminating all levels, and using ugly long folder names, page 
>loads in debug mode went from 15s to 4s, the same as a stock plone site 
>on our server. Yay!

CMF may have a bug in its check whether something changed on disk (only
performed in development mode).
This is long known for Windows versions.
Recently, someone seems to have spilled this bug into non-Windows versions,

We use deeply nested folders in skins (3 levels with hundreds of leaves)
and do not see any problem
(our CMF version has a fix for the "checking inefficiency").

>This should get documented somewhere, so someone else can avoid the 
>pain. I'm not sure where that should be.

If it should turn out that I am right, then please file a bug
report. The "checking inefficiency" can definitely be fixed...
I had long discussions about it with Chris Withers, months ago.
I fear, he did not fix it -- despite the long discussions...


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