[Zope-CMF] scriptable type information and workflow

Sune Brøndum Wøller sune at syntetisk.dk
Mon Dec 8 11:07:50 EST 2003


I have defined an STI, (based on Document)
and removed it from any workflows (currently
using dc-workflow).

The STI add script adds a document.
I followed the todo :
but i use invokeFactory instead:

  container.invokeFactory('Document', id)
  ob = getattr(container, id)

The 'mother'-type (Document) is still under workflow.

When looking at the workflows-tab in the zmi
it says correctly that the object does not belong
to a workflow, but
when adding objects of this type, the security
settings are set just as if it was under workflow.

It appears that when adding STI's the workflow
gets confused about the portal_type and the meta_type (?)

This might also cause problems if the STI have a different WF than
its 'mother' type. (Haven't tested that).

Its my guess this is a bug.

To avoid this I can add the STI-portal-type to a WF and publish the object
in the add-script,
but it will still be under workflow (which i would prefer it not to be).

My setup:
CMF 1.4.1
Zope 2.6.2

Sune B. Woeller

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