[Zope-CMF] CMFWeblog: to edit or not to edit

Bob Bernstein bernstein at cesmail.net
Mon Dec 8 22:41:21 EST 2003

Running on plone2:

Basically, with CMFWeblog I can post entries, and view them in the
"blog-ish" reverse order that seems to be one of the product's
quirkier but effective features. 

However, when it comes to *editing* an entry I am stuck. The edit
screen provides two 'buttons', "Change" and "Change and view" and
neither of these appears to have any effect on anything at all,
including the content of the blog entry displayed in the edit box.  

Thoughts, anyone? (And, if there's a better place to post such a
question, I would welcome that information also!)

Best regards,

Bob Bernstein

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