[Zope-CMF] caching clear-text passwords

Encolpe DEGOUTE edegoute at nuxeo.com
Thu Dec 18 06:00:30 EST 2003

Dans local.lists.zope.zope-cmf srobroek at plexus.leidenuniv.nl écrivit:

| Hello everyone,
| I have a tricky situation at my hands, and i'd like to ask your help. 
| We use a LDAP tree here which stores the user accounts. The passwords are
| encrypted, and we're not allowed to change anything about this. A new testing
| portal using plone 2.0 also authenticates against this LDAP tree, everything's
| working nice. Now the problem: management wants to be able to integrate legacy
| web applications in the portal, using single-signon. Since the passwords are
| retrieved encrypted from LDAP the usual getpassword methods are no option.
| Changing the legacy applications is no option either, since most are custom
| built, closed source, and would be very hard to modify to accept pre-encrypted
| passwords. (Yes, it really stinks).
| disclaimer: yes, i know storing passwords clear-text is stupid, dangerous, and
| not done, but i don't really have an option. I need to tell people it can or
| can't be done, and if it can be done technically, i'd prefer to give them a yes.

See the session cookie.
__ac_name and __ac are store here.

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