[Zope-CMF] Re: Content types per role

Yuppie schubbe at web.de
Thu Dec 18 12:35:03 EST 2003


Alexander Limi wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Dec 2003 12:10:09 +0100, Yuppie <schubbe at web.de> wrote:
>> Are you talking about site wide or about per folder permissions?
>> In March chrisw posted a proposal for site wide permissions  
>> <http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2003-March/017892.html> but 
>> it  seems he never found the time to implement it :-(
> Ideally I would like to see both, but the site-wide thing is the one 
> that  should make most sense to implement on the CMF level. It's also 
> the one I  really miss all the time.
> The other one we could add as a functionality of PloneFolder if we need 
> it  for a project later - but the site-wide permissions really belong in 
> the  CMF, IMHO.

AFAICS the site-wide thing isn't hard to fix. In fact it is already 
implemented since CMF 1.3. It's just unusable because the 'View' 
permission also controls what's visible in folder listings.

I guess if chrisw has no time to do it this can easily be done by 
someone else.

> Speaking of wishes, another one that I talked to Seb Bacon and Kapil 
> about  is skin-binding to particular roles, I believe he made a quick 
> and dirty  prototype, but it never progressed beyond that because of 
> where the skin  bindings happen in the traversal part, IIRC. They can 
> probably explain it  better.
> The idea is that when I log in as a user with Manager role, I will get 
> a  skin set that is different than the ordinary Members get when they 
> log in,  and Anonymous can have a third skin, if desirable.
> The ability to configure a list of three-four skins that are available 
> to  the Manager but not to anybody else is also a part of this proposal. 
> This  way, you can easily see how your public site looks like - while 
> still  managing your content from a CMF or Plone default interface.
> We can do this already, but it involves binding the skins via  
> virtualhosts, and is less than ideal. I would like to see this as a 
> core  part of the CMF, I think most people would find it useful.

AFAICT the easiest way to implement this is hooking into the existing 
cookie-based machinery for switching skins: The list of selectable skins 
could be controlled by roles and members could get an initial 
portal_skin property based on the assigned roles.

> There's my Christmas wishlist - and I'm willing to pony up some money 
> to  get it too ;)

If there is a sponsor for these tasks it'll definitely help me finding 
some time to resolve them.


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