[Zope-CMF] Re: Content types per role

Yuppie schubbe at web.de
Fri Dec 19 02:50:50 EST 2003


Seb Bacon wrote:
> Yuppie wrote:
>> AFAICT the easiest way to implement this is hooking into the existing 
>> cookie-based machinery for switching skins: The list of selectable 
>> skins could be controlled by roles and members could get an initial 
>> portal_skin property based on the assigned roles.
> This is what I did, but the problem is that you're not authenticated at 
> traversal hook time, so there's no way of knowing your role.

Seems you did something different. Why do you need to know the role at 
traversal hook time? All you need is to evaluate the portal_skin cookie. 
And that is done by default.


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