[Zope-CMF] Re: Content types per role

Seb Bacon seb at jamkit.com
Fri Dec 19 06:43:20 EST 2003

Yuppie wrote:
> Seb Bacon wrote:
>> Yes, maybe we're talking about different things. Here's what I mean: 
>> to know the user's role we need to *some* kind of lookup, and as it's 
>> not stored in the cookie we have to do it during traversal...?

> 'logged_in' calls here/portal_skins/updateSkinCookie to set a 
> portal_skin cookie based on the member's portal_skin property. This is 
> the place to set a portal_skin value based on the users role.

You're right, I think I've been overcomplicating it.  I wanted to solve 
the problem with just the cookie crumbler, without resorting to using 
skin components like 'logged_in'.  It feels like the roles lookup should 
occur as part of the cookiecrumbler software, not as part of the 
presentation layer.  There are some edge cases like where a manager has 
logged in via the ZMI and then visits the site.  But in fact, when I 
think about it, I don't really see that it matters that much ;-)


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