[Zope-CMF] Content types per role

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat Dec 20 06:33:07 EST 2003

Alexander Limi wrote at 2003-12-18 02:42 +0100:
> ...
>Permissions for each content type, so you can restrict it so that only  
>Managers can add MessageBoards, and one type (role) of user can only add  
>Documents, while another can add Documents, Events and Images - as an  

This has been discussed already several times (--> archives):

     I use several "utils.ContentInit" in my "initialize" for this

def initialize( context ):
    utils.ContentInit( 'WebCMS Inhalte'
                     , content_types=WebCMSClasses
                     , permission=EditHaufeContent
                     , extra_constructors=WebCMSConstructors
                     , fti=Types.factory_type_information
                     ).initialize( context )

    utils.ContentInit( 'Member Inhalte'
                     , content_types=MemberContentClasses
                     , permission=AddPortalContent
                     , extra_constructors=MemberContentConstructors
                     , fti=Types.factory_type_information
                     ).initialize( context )

There are some restrictions with respect to the "fti" argument.
Details can be found in the "zope-cmf" archive.


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