[Zope-CMF] mass portal member pruning/management/deletion?

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Sun Dec 21 14:42:37 EST 2003

--On Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2003 14:13 Uhr -0500 Marc Lindahl 
<marc at bowery.com> wrote:

> Before I start this little project I want to get some feedback and see if
> anyone else has done this or has some code to share, etc.
> I want to do the following on my CMF/plone public portal:
> 1. during join, the user's password is emailed to them.  I want to
> immediately try to send that email, and if the MTA gives back an error
> (such as 'user not found')  let them try again.  I've found (from running
> a CMF site for 2 years) that I get a fair number of people putting in the
> wrong email address accidentally.  Also, this should prevent the creation
> of any user stuff if there's a problem there.

there is no easy way to handle this - neither on the MTA level nor on the 
level. if users are too stupid to spell their own 
email-address...well...you can not
take care of all stupid users....(my opinion).

> 1a. check the email address during join for uniqueness.  If there's
> already a username with that email, notify the user that such and such
> username exists and 'click to send password'.

since email addresses are stored as memberdata properties this might
be a big problem in terms of performance and efficiency (e.g. when you
use a large LDAP repository).

> 1b. Getting a little fancier... a 'banned' list.  It's an important part
> of any community site, really.  Banned by email address, banned by IP
> address....

email addresses are ip addresses are like smoke and dust. if you ban one
then there is always a way to get around.

> 2. send a mass mail to everyone on the site.  And important but
> infrequent admin function (e.g. "site is going down for maintenance",
> etc.).  As such I don't care if it takes all night to send the mail (in
> other words, fancy async threads, etc. aren't important).  But what is
> important is that errors from the MTA are collected in such a way as to
> allow....

you can implemented this with  five lines of code (at most).

> 3. mass pruning/deletion/maintenance of members.  There should be a quick
> easy way to put in a large list of members, either by username or
> matching email address, and be able to at least delete them, but also
> possibly send them a message via CMFMessage (e.g. your folder is too big,
> stuff will be deleted in 10 days).  It would be nice if step#2 above
> would lead to the deletion form, pre-populated with members with bad
> email addresses.  Also, there was a thread before about 'what to do with
> deleted member's contents?' and I think it would be good to have the
> option to move it to a 'deleted members' sub/folder or just get rid of it.

same as above (you can add this very easily).

> 3a. have various other ways of 'prepopulating' this pruning list: Member
> folder size, last login (inactive users), duplicate username/email,
> pasted 'lines' into a form of either usernames and/or email addresses.

same as above

most of your ideas might be useful in some case but a lot of sites really
don't this in any case. so my opionion is YAGNI...if you really need it you
can add the required functionality easily either by subclassing the 
CMF tool or just by adding new skin methods.


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