[Zope-CMF] invokeFactory hook

Darryl Cousins darryl at altcontrol.nl
Mon Apr 5 03:15:43 EDT 2004

To continue the discussion, this is how I am using manage_afterAdd in a
subclass of PortalFolder.


  def manage_afterAdd(self, item, container):
    """My parent has an afterAdd method"""
    PortalContent.manage_afterAdd(self, item, container)

    ov = item.objectIds()
    # I do this so paste/rename doesn't spit an error at me
    if not 'BodyImage' in ov:
    if not 'BodyLink' in ov:


Sincere regards,
Darryl Cousins

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 23:02, Chris Withers wrote:
> Darryl Cousins wrote:
> > In my PortalFolder subclass, for example, I want the new or copied
> > object to be registered with an ordering manager (a list) within my
> > product.
> So, do this work in the manage_afterAdd method of your PortalFolder subclass...
> Chris

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