[Zope-CMF] FSZSQK Method patch

Alex V. Koval alex at halogen-dg.com
Tue Apr 6 05:52:06 EDT 2004


We have discovered that FSZSQLMethod does not allow us to use standard  
Zope SQL
FTP and WebDav serialized view of Z SQL method. Additionally we encountered
the big problem with FS Z SQL method arguments. It seems that we can pass  
1 argument within the <dtml-comment> block, via arguments field. Our  
to pass required by ZSQL method line feed there does not succeed because  
the parsing
of parameters block splits it by '\n':

         for line in block.split('\n'):
             pair = line.split(':',1)
             if len(pair)!=2:

The possible solution would be to include multiple arguments via ',' but  
in general we
want to be able to use common method Zope uses to serialize objects via  
FTP, WebDav.

To make it possible we have patched FSZSQLMethod.py file so it works with  
both Zope
formats now: with the custom format developed for FSZSQLMethod.py and with  
Zope serialize format (<params>...</params>).

Submitting it to mailing list, please advice if we should send it  
somewhere to the author
to review and include to the CVS?

The patch we made has been produced by diff -u of FSZSQLMethod.py of Skins  
but it works to patch the original file in CMFCore.

Alex V. Koval
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