[Zope-CMF] Re: [dev] some small proposals

yuppie y.2004_ at wcm-solutions.de
Tue Apr 13 09:28:28 EDT 2004

Stefan H. Holek wrote:
> On Dienstag, Apr 13, 2004, at 14:27 Europe/Vienna, yuppie wrote:
>> 1. renaming 'test_all.py' files
>> -------------------------------
>> Running unittests using Zope's test.py instead of all_cmf_tests.py, 
>> all tests are called twice. Renaming the test_all.py files to 
>> all_tests.py would avoid this problem.
> It would for test.py but not for testrunner.py. An IMO preferable 
> solution is to stub out the test_suite() functions as seen in 
> BDBStorage/tests/testall.py.

Nice idea. If this is easy to implement in all_cmf_tests.py it might be 
the way to go.

> (And don't give me the "testrunner.py is deprecated" line, I won't buy 
> it ;-)


Cheers, Yuppie

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