[Zope-CMF] Re: portal discussion and folder like object

Joseph Kocherhans jkocherhans at mac.com
Thu Apr 15 16:24:22 EDT 2004

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Sylvain Thénault wrote at 2003-1-27 15:18 +0100:
>  > I've a problemn trying to allow discussion on folder like objects. The
>  > problem is that discussion items may not be attached to the correct
>  > folder since the folder may acquire its 'talkback' attribute.
>  > I've filled a bug to the collector (http://collector.zope.org/CMF/119)
>  > and tried to wrote a patch but my patch seems to break the discussion
>  > mecanism in another point when it tries to reconstruct thread.
>  >  
>  > Any idea on this ?
> You "hasattr(aq_base(folder),'talkback')" to check
> whether "folder" as a "talkback" and if it has, use
> "folder.talkback" to access it.

Did anyone ever try this out? I'm running into the same problem. The 
collector issue is still open and I don't see anything in the cvs logs, 
so I assume it was never resolved. I'll try incorporating Dieter's fix 
sometime soon, and if it works I'll add the patch(es) to the collector. 
Of course if someone else has already tried this it'd be nice to save 
some time ;)


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