[Zope-CMF] .objects files and stripping of extensions - minor change requested

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Mon Apr 19 12:15:42 EDT 2004


I was recently pointed to a nice undocumented feature of the CMF that  
gives you the ability to map a file to a certain meta_type, overriding the  
FS template defaults.

For those of you not familiar with the method, you can generate a file  
'.objects' in an FSDirectoryView and have entries like this inside of it:

plone.css:DTML Method

This would map the file 'plone.css' to be a DTML method, as opposed to  
being a File object, which is the default.

When I discovered this, I thought - great, now we don't have to do ugly  
double extensions like .css.dtml anymore - I can just map the file in the  
.objects file, and it'll work.

The problem is, though - the method actually strips the extensions from  
the file, circumventing what I see as the most useful use case for this  
method. So my file 'plone.css' actually ends up as a DTML Method - but  
with the name 'plone', and thus we are back to the same problem as with  
the other method - requiring double extensions.

Could we change this to *not* strip the extensions instead? This would be  
extremely useful, and allow us to map any future file type to the correct  
type. Another very relevant example are XSLT files, which currently  
require a mapping like .xlst.pt or similar to keep their proper extensions  
inside the system.


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